Paula & Judy's Dance & Acrobatics Connection

  Est. 1997   


Q: I have a 3 or 4-year-old, which classes do you reccomend?

A: What we offer for preschool students is an hour-long class that combines Tap, Pre-Ballet, Coordination Exercises and Tumbling.


Q: What do you offer children ages 5 to 7?
A: While other studios offer limited classes for this age we offer different combinations of classes. They can choose a 1/2 hour Ballet

     class, 1/2 hour Tap class, 1/2 Hip Hop class, 1/2 hour Acrobatics class. One hour is $35.00 and each additional half hour is $10.00.


Q: What do you offer for 8 to 18-year-olds?
A: We offer hour-long classes in Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics/Contortion, Jazz, Hip-Hop(45 minutes), Lyrical and Pointe.


Q: Why are your prices so low compared to other studios?
A: We at PJDAC believe that families come first and making dance a family affordable activity is our goal! Quality dance instruction and 

     family affordable rates equals what PJDAC ia all about!




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