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Paula & Judy's
Dance & Acrobatics Connection/
T.A.P.S. Competition Team

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At PJDAC, we feel very strongly that dance competition is only a part of what we do, but never the main focus. Our goals are not about the trophies our competitive teams may or may not win, but rather about how to learn and grow from the experience while exposing our dancers to others that may be stronger than they are, in an effort to motivate our dancers to be the best they can be. We encourage good sportsmanship and respect for their fellow dancers and studio. We teach our dancers to love what they do and present a genuine performance that reflects their dedication and determination. It is our aspiration to instill passion for performing rather than merely the desire to compete and win awards.


It is the perfect outlet for artistic and physical expression and teaches teamwork, commitment and personal best. Competition team members need to know ahead of time that membership is a commitment. We know you all do other things and have many time constraints, but you must learn to plan ahead and budget your time. Plan study time and school projects so that you have time for both. Let teachers know in advance of time problems so that they may give you assignments accordingly. If your sports teams will interfere too much, you must make a choice. Plan and select carefully. Our dancers have done so successfully for years, and have also participated in many outside activities and have gotten great grades throughout school, so it can be done. Good life skills are learned this way.

There is a yearly registration fee of $80.00.

2015 Creation Dance Championships

National World Cup Grand Champions
"Black Sails"

One Last Prayer......