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Please Note - 

Due: Saturday, November 2, 2019


We are now ordering tights with your costumes.

We at PJDAC want parents to save as much time and money as we possibly can!

This will save you the hassle of running around looking for tights at show time or before competition season.

We order our costumes early 

so that 

we have them in your hands 

our first competition and 


 We usually start to receive 


 by January, if not sooner!

Costume Policies


Costumes deposits are  $80.00 each. 

Once costume deposit is paid there is no balance.

Costume deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!!!

Costume Deposits are due Saturday, November 2nd 2019

All costume deposits taken after this date are $85.00 each and after December they are $90.00 each. 

* If your child discontinues dance lessons and costume deposit is paid it is still non refundable. Once costumes are ordered they are non returnable! Costume pick up is the sole responsibility of the parent!

Once you receive your costume please check for the headpiece and for any holes or blemishes so we can return it ASAP for a replacement!


All Saturday Hip Hop and Pointé costume deposits are due on
March 1st 2020


All Costumes must be Pre Paid!


No costumes will be ordered unless they are paid in full!



Once costumes are

 paid there are 

no balances!

Your deposit pays 


the costume in full!