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Dance Showcase Program 2020

Starting this year ALL parents will be 

required to purchase a space in the

 Dance Showcase program for 2019.

 Size of the ad will be a 1/6 page ad.

 All photographs still need to be taken

 by the studio photographer. You are 

more than welcome to purchase a

 bigger size ad for the program.

1/6 Page Ad - Required!
 1/4 Page Ad
 1/2 Page Ad
 Full Page Ad
1 Picture
 1 Picture
 2 Pictures
 3 - 4 Pictures
45 Characters 
75 Characters 
125 Characters 
Unlimited Characters 
 (Mandatory ad for all students)
Limited Characters  & Picture Size
  Bigger Picture & 
More Characters
  Multiple Pictures & 
More Characters
Use your imagination!

1/6 Page Ad

Please Note -  Horizontal pictures that do not fit into the 1/6 space may need to be modified. 


1/2 Page Ad

Ads can be paid on a monthly basis or the entire $65.00 will be debited from your account on
 in March 2020. You can always get a sponsor for your ad. 

Dates for Pictures are
only in February 2020.

You can see more on the 
PJDAC School Calendar page. 

If you miss pictures in March you will still be required to purchase the Ad in the program.
Ad will contain wording only.

1/4 Page Ad


Full Page

PJDAC is not liable for any name misspellings in the

book or if a name is missing from the book in our show

run down. In the event of a wording error in a Ad you

will receive a $20.00 credit for the following season. If

an Ad is missed you will receive a bigger ad for free the

following season.