Paula & Judy's Dance & Acrobatics Connection

  Est. 1997   

Preschool/Kinder Kidz 
students will use pink Ballet shoes and tan buckle (velcro) Tap shoes. 

Leotards can be any color and they can wear a skirt. Preschool students can have an attached skirt. 

We would prefer if Kinder Kidz students did not have an attached skirt if they are taking Acrobatics.

Preschool/ Kinder Kidz students can wear either pink, black or tan tights.

Kinder Kidz students taking Acrobatics need TRANSITION tights! There is a built in hole so kids can also dance in their bare feet!


Older students taking class will use split sole Ballet shoes, black split sole Tap shoes and tan split sole Jazz shoes.

All of our students are welcome to wear any colored leotard and pink or tan tights. They can also wear a pair of shorts and a fitted tank top. 
NO t-shirts or loose fitting clothing!!!