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This page is to keep you informed of new 

policies and important updates at PJDAC. 

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New and Returning Policies for 2019/2020


Web Page/ Facebook


Enrollment Fees


New Payment Policies for 2019/2020


Costumes & Deposit Dates


Dance Showcase
 Program 2020


Dance Showcase 2020 Policy

We are handing out a guide for our website. This along with our Facebook page is our primary way to pass information to you the parents. We ask that you look over the website and join our Facebook page to stay up to date on all PJDAC info! We will ask all parents to sign a agreement form. 

All info on the Website and Facebook will also be on the walls of the studio!


Enrollment Fees:

$20.00 for all new students.

$35.00 total for all new students - siblings 2 or more.

$15.00 for all returning students.

$25.00 total for all returning students - siblings 2 or more.


Payments for lessons at PJDAC will only be through Debit, Mastercard, Credit Card or Check on file at the studio.

Lessons will be taken from accounts on the 3rd of each month.

Late lessons will be charged a late fee of $20.00. 

PJDAC will no longer handle any cash, debit or check transactions

inside the studio.


Costumes deposits are  $80.00 each. 

Once costume deposit is paid there is no balance.

Costume deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!!!

Costume Deposits are due Saturday, November 2nd 2019

All costume deposits taken after this date are $85.00 each and after December they are $90.00 each. 

Please check costume page for more information!

* If your child discontinues dance lessons and costume deposit is paid it is still non refundable. Once costumes are ordered they are non returnable! Costume pick up is the sole responsibility of the parent!

Once again ALL parents will be required to purchase a space in the Dance Showcase program for 2020. Size of the ad will be a 1/6 page ad. All photographs still need to be taken by the studio photographer. You are more than welcome to purchase a bigger size ad for the program. For more info please see page.

2 Book Poses - $10.00
1/6 Ad - $65.00

Total - $75.00

** You can pay monthly installments from September to March by Direct Deposit of $10.00 and save $5.00. **

Ad Deposits are due by: Saturday, March 21st

PJDAC's  official policy for students performing in Dance Showcase 2020 is that you cannot miss Dress Rehearsal for any reason! We have our show late enough so we do not conflict with H.S. graduations.